Our CSR Commitments

Synapsys’ corporate project evolves through two major ambitions: adopting a sustainability approach and ensuring the best quality of professional life for our employees.​

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Synapsys calculates Its t​ Carbon Footprin

To quantify our impact on the planet, guide our action plan, and accelerate the transformation of our practices, we have measured our carbon footprint.​

The measurement of the carbon footprint is an essential tool to understand and manage our environmental impact, strengthen our social and environmental responsibility, and concretely raise awareness among our employees.​

In 2022, our carbon footprint is 210 metric tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e). A footprint equivalent to the emissions of 19 French citizens in one year, a low impact for a company of our size, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach​

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The Climate : Fresco: a Moment of Sharing and Awareness​

Synapsys offered all its employees a ‘Climate Fresco’ workshop. This moment of awareness and sharing allowed each Rhino to understand the relationships between human actions, resulting pollution, overexploited resources, and their consequences on climate and biodiversity.​

Following this awareness moment, Rhinos mobilized to define Synapsys’ action plan to initiate a low-carbon emission trajectory​

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Our concrete actions

Synapsys is a signatory of Planet Tech Care, convinced that digital players must act in terms of ecological transition.​

We pursue a policy of sustainable and proactive purchasing from our suppliers (supported businesses, eco-responsible events, purchases of ‘green’ promotional products etc).​

For several years, our teams have been involved in skills-based sponsorship actions with associations such as Les Triplettes or Capella.​

Digitization of the HR function to move towards a ‘Zero Paper’ policy (dematerialized pay stubs, contract transmission via DocuSign etc)​

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An Inclusive
and Equitable Vision

Close monitoring is offered for each consultant (career manager, HR and commercial follow-ups, squads) throughout their journey.​

Opportunities for inter-mission and inter-agency mobility are open to all consultants.​

An ambitious and fully personalized career plan is created for each consultant.​

A culture of learning is established through mentoring programs, training, and certifications.​

A premium workspace in the heart of Paris is open to all employees.​

Synapsys offers a variety of activities and events to promote team unity.​

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In 2022, we achieved a score of 95/100

The company is particularly attentive to gender equality in the predominantly male field of IT. To achieve this, we ensure fair treatment in terms of compensation and career development for both women and men.​

We also ensure the presence of women in management roles and decision-making bodies. Finally, we ensure that men and women have equal opportunities for career development and support.​

The gender pay gap ​ The distribution gap in individual salary increment ​ The number of female employees receiving raises upon their return from maternity leave ​ Gender parity among the top 10 highest salaries​

Towards Responsible Digitalization ​ for Our Clients

To assist our clients in moving towards more sustainability, we are developing a Green IT offering. With all of our employees, we are conducting a comprehensive discussions to reduce our ecological footprint​

See our Green IT offer
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