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Build a relationship of trust with each Rhino

Synapsys builds with each consultant a relationship of trust in which they have the opportunity to achieve professionally through a tailor-made career plan, close monitoring throughout their missions and a learning culture based on mentoring.

We advocate a horizontal organization in which everyone can find their place in the collective, by committing to the development of initiatives where the potential of each talent is recognized. Our local organization allows us to understand and promote equity in order to maintain employee engagement over time.

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What awaits you concretely

A fully personalized on-boarding experience.

Monitoring of your progress carried out by a peer and by HR to enable you to deploy your professional project.

The possibility of taking part in the life and project of the company on empowering projects around ecology and gender equality.

A culture of learning (mentoring, training and certification).

Internal communities of technical practice led by passionate people to put you forward within the organization.

Opportunities for inter-mission and inter-agency mobility.

Challenging missions associated with major transformation projects in large account environments.

An engaging career plan that highlights your ability to carry out cross-functional projects and be a role model within the organization.

An organization that will recognize your efforts to enable you to develop.

A manager who will take the time to observe you to detect your personal dimension at work and specific areas of development according to your desires and affinities.

A premium workspace in the heart of Paris.

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Consultants chez Synapsys
Consultants chez Synapsys
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Our difference is the link we forge

Proximity and sharing are essential in our professions. Since its creation, Synapsys has organized regular meetings between Rhinos in order to create bonds, strengthen team spirit and bring the collective to life.

4 group events per year, integration seminars and afterworks.

Quarterly internal meet-ups in person and virtually,

Sporting and association events and team buildings.

Technical workshops and community evenings between squads

Internal training and seminars to cultivate expertise and interpersonal skills.

Have a positive impact

Synapsys’ corporate project consists of relying on human development to sustainably transform Society.

To do this, we are doing everything we can to promote a corporate culture that combines employee well-being and contribution to sustainable development issues (“Climate Fresco” workshop, carbon footprint measurement, internal awareness campaigns, awareness-raising initiatives). labeling, creation of a Green IT offer, etc.).

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Learn throughout your life

The culture of learning is a fundamental principle to which Synapsys is committed in order to ensure great professional prospects for our employees. We engage in tailor-made programs because we want to give them the best conditions so that they become experts and reference people for their relational qualities at the service of the collective and our clients.

Whether the training is face-to-face, online, on technologies, methodology or soft skills, it allows you to increase the level of knowledge, enrich yourself professionally and constantly adapt to market developments.

Close support from HR teams and managers will allow you to assess your training needs in order to offer you suitable programs. At the same time, Synapsys, from the first year, organizes a seminar around self-knowledge, relationships with others and constructive communication.

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