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Deploy a modern, secure, and tailored workspace environment with Digital Workplace solutions.​

How to modernize work environment of employees?

​The concept of the Digital Workplace refers to tools and practices aimed at managing, securing, and governing the digital working environment of employees, particularly through the devices and applications they use.​

Hybrid work, increasing mobility, collaborative tools, device management, cloud, data and application access security, cybersecurity… numerous factors need to be considered in the management of a Digital Workplace project.

The Digital Workplace represents a profound transformation of the habits and needs of employees, pushing beyond the traditional boundaries of the workstation, IT infrastructure, and business applications. It is a complex reality that goes beyond simply providing a computer. »​

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Are you ready to kickstart your your Digital Workplace project?

A Digital Workplace project involves establishing a modern, secure, and connected working environment that brings benefits to the business, its organization, development, and employees.​

Implementing device and application management solutions offers numerous advantages: centralized device management, compliance and security, flexible application deployment, infrastructure cost reduction, and simplified maintenance.​

The Digital Workplace creates an environment conducive to productivity, enabling the development of services tailored to new practices and the evolution of the workspace. Within Information Systems, the Digital Workplace enhances the security of the infrastructure, applications, and access to the company’s data. It also allows for streamlining the hardware used. »​

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Our areas of expertise Digital Workplace

Deployment of modern solutions

Microsoft Intune is a Cloud-based Modern Endpoint Management solution that centralizes and automates the management and security of mobile devices and PCs within a single platform.​

Identity management

We oversee the management of authentication processes and access rights through Azure Active Directory and ADFS solutions​

Intune/SCCM Co-Management

The coexistence of SCCM and Intune through hybrid co-management allows you to leverage the modern management features of Intune, along with the benefits of the Cloud, while retaining your existing operational methods. Transition co-management also enables a gradual evolution of your model.​

Workstation security

We engage in defining security rules and implementing tools to ensure a secure working environment for users: workstation hardening, penetration testing, administration bastions, antivirus security (local and EDR)​

Device lifecycle management

We ensure end-to-end lifecycle management of the workstation, from its design based on usage scenarios to configuration, security, and maintenance. Our expertise extends to all types of devices (PCs, mobile, tablets) and environments (Windows, iOS)​

Office 365 deployment

We guide you through the deployment of Windows 11, 10, and Office 365, as well as Microsoft 365 services (such as Windows Hello, Defender, Always On VPN) throughout your project, from preparing the infrastructure to the work environment and applications.​

Our Digital Workplace support

As a specialist in issues related to the evolution of the workstation, Synapsys has developed an approach based on consultancy, supporting employees, the use of specific tools, and best practices around four key pillars:​

Modern Workplace solution audit and framing

Our experts support you in the design and modernization of future workplaces through audits of your existing solution, feasibility studies to create a migration roadmap, and the definition of usage scenarios.​


Our experts guide you through the design of your workstation and the implementation of the solution by analyzing the application environment, securing environments, and configuring the technical aspects of the solution​

Managing the implementing of the Modern Workplace project

Our consultants accelerate the implementation of your deployment and migration projects for cloud solutions through project management and governance missions (project methodology, facilitation of technical-functional workshops, documentation creation, change management support, training, security rule drafting, etc.)​

MCO and Digital Factory

We guide you through the evolutionary and corrective maintenance of your terminal management application to ensure optimal service continuity. Our Digital Factory provides operational and business support in an approach to optimize and industrialize tasks and processes.​

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