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Make your IS more efficient and innovative thanks to the advantages of the Cloud. Converge towards agile, resilient and hybrid infrastructures that combine performance, cost and availability.

Why migrate or extend your IS to a cloud provider?

Migration or extension of the IS to a cloud provider presents attractive advantages for managing its resources and processing power needs, while optimizing its costs:

Optimizing the IS and successfully implementing a cloud strategy require specific support from experts. Whether the transition is total, multicloud or hybrid (private/public), historical heritage guides the choice of implementing cloud services.

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Public cloud, hybrid cloud or cloud native?

Using the public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP) facilitates rapid, scalable, scaled and almost limitless deployments. The public cloud also helps reduce infrastructure investments.

The hybrid cloud allows a gradual transition with part of the infrastructure and data being kept on-premises while the other part is migrating to the cloud. It makes it possible to deal with peaks of activity (bursting), set up new services, a Business Resumption Plan and manage identity (Single Sign on).

Cloud Native transformation involves the creation of an application or service specifically according to cloud standards, promoting standardization and reuse. Cloud Native often involves the use of managed services, containers, microservices, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and other DevOps practices.

Each approach has its benefits and specific use cases, and businesses can choose based on their strategic goals and technical requirements.

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Our areas of expertise in Cloud

Public cloud implementation

  • Architecture and design: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, consideration of SLAs linked to the use of the public cloud< /li>
  • Support with best practices: identity management, automation, assets and configuration management database (CMDB)
  • FinOps and consumption: analysis of costs by entity, optimization of run costs, automatic reporting, quotas and financial control< /li>
  • Data and security management policy: protection, backup and archiving, PRA / PCA, log retention.

Hybrid cloud management

  • Identity management: security of the identity of the person rather than the device used, implementation of multi-factor and conditional access
  • Infrastructure: completion of migration to the cloud, internally shared services (Active Directory and DNS)
  • Network: creation of interconnection (multi-regional context, VPN, etc.), implementation of Endpoints
  • Backup: DRP plan (on-premise to the cloud or Backup as a Service).

Cloud native transformation

  • “Lift & shift” of traditional infrastructure with migration to IaaS: assessment methodology and rationalization, infrastructure redesign and implementation
  • Support in the transition of PaaS infrastructure to the cloud and managed offers from cloud providers
  • Support towards Cloud Native: resumption of applications divided into micro-services to facilitate their evolution thanks to managed services (containerization), support for cloud solution architects.

Our support Cloud

Adapt to changing business uses, make your applications more efficient in a limited time, strengthen access security and protect your data… Maintain the performance of your data system Information is a challenge for all businesses. The cloud is today the best functional and economic response to these challenges.

Infrastructure migration cloud

Our experts support you throughout your cloud migration project: migration audit, definition of the migration strategy, definition of cloud architecture diagrams (HLD, LLD), definition of security rules , management of authentication methods and rights, support for businesses in getting started with cloud services, etc.

Approach FinOps

FinOps is a methodology aimed at optimizing cloud costs for a company by ensuring good alignment between business performance needs and expenses linked to cloud services. This approach involves synergy between DevOps teams and financial teams.

Governance & compliance

Our experts support you in defining security processes and governance rules to deploy cloud services within your company and ensure the best adoption rate by business entities. Our cloud experts can also help you assess the maturity of your services (labeling by eligibility level for example).

Cloud & DevOps

Our cloud expertise combined with the DevOps approach makes it possible to considerably accelerate the time-to-market of your applications, through an effective automation chain across all phases of the project (development, integration, testing and deployment).

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