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For several months now, Microsoft has been making FastTrack benefits available to its customers and partners in order to facilitate the internal implementation of Microsoft 365 tools. Microsoft relies on its network of approved partners: the Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partners, of which Synapsys is a member.​

This means that when a company signs up for an M365 subscription, they are eligible for FastTrack benefits.​

So, who is eligible for the Microsoft FastTrack program?​

By default, all companies that have Office 365 licenses are eligible. But this also applies to customers with a minimum of 150 licenses. This allows them to have access to FastTrack specialists. For customers with 500 or more licenses, FastTrack takes care of migrating their data and email.​

Indeed, the support provided by FastTrack specialists starts from 150 licenses acquired. The more M365 solutions you implement, the more FastTrack support you have.​

FastTrack is also a real help when it comes to migrating data and mail as part of the Exchange Online implementation. However, to qualify, you need a minimum of 500 licenses.​

There are many topics since FastTrack covers the entire M365 perimeter.

FastTrack for Azure

In addition, FastTrack for Azure offers support for the implementation of your cloud strategy. Be aware that FastTrack for Azure is also eligible at no additional cost for any customer with an active, paid subscription.​

We’ll cover this part in more detail in another article to come!​

Microsoft FastTrack, to do what?​

As previously mentioned, FastTrack provides you with support and resources to support you in the implementation, planning, and deployment of the solutions contained in the M365 plans.​

FastTrack also allows you to initiate topics with complete peace of mind, such as starting your Windows strategy with a dedicated program: FastTrack for Windows 11 ( This program aims to support you in the design of your Windows 11 devices:​

Our feedback:​

Since the beginning of the year, we have strengthened our communication around FastTrack to inform our customers that we can assist them in planning and deploying to Microsoft 365.​

Some of our customers were already aware of the benefits of FastTrack. Some were already using them, others weren’t. Still other customers didn’t even know about it. The discovery of FastTrack allowed them to start projects and tackle topics with peace of mind such as:​

The main advantage of FastTrack content is that it makes resources available for Microsoft to use. For each FastTrack delivery, the schedule, sequencing, presentations, and documents to be used during the workshops are predefined and written by Microsoft. This makes it possible to trigger the start of the delivery of the profits in question very quickly.​

The second interest lies in supporting customers through the delivery of these benefits. Indeed, we are committed to going beyond simply unrolling the presentation and ticking the boxes of the workshops. Thus, the workshops are a real moment of exchange with the customer. The latter then benefits from our feedback, whether it is from previous FastTrack delivery or projects that we have already delivered.​

Finally, at Synapsys we are committed to sharing our knowledge within what we call our « squads ». They are, in other words, our centres of competence. There is therefore also a real vector of training and enhancement through the FastTrack benefit. It allows us to train our consultants on the delivery of FastTrack content. This allows, in the case of a long mission, to remove a consultant from his mission on an ad hoc basis. It is an opportunity for them to project themselves into another client with a different context, perhaps different expectations, and to bring them experience and maturity on a subject.​

In conclusion:​

The FastTrack benefits offered by Microsoft may seem trivial at first, because they will not necessarily allow a company to fully implement an M365 solution and be completely autonomous on the subject. But it is in fact a mine of information and advice that is provided through the topics discussed and an interesting strategy to initiate a topic without additional costs.​

The FastTrack benefits delivered by our teams allow you to benefit from real experience on the topics discussed and to initiate a reflection on the strategic direction of your Digital Workplace.​

In summary, FastTrack is beneficial for everyone:​

for Microsoft, which ensures the deployment of the solutions contained in the M365 licensing plans,​

For customers, who can deploy these solutions at no additional cost,​

Finally, it allows us to address existing or new clients and thus further diversify the activities of our consultants.​

To learn more about the benefits of FastTrack and Synapsys, please contact us and visit the FastTrack page of our website. A questionnaire is available to verify your eligibility for the FastTrack program.​

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